1 (8 oz) jar maraschino cherries with stems

About 1/4 cup orange-flavored liqueur - optional (Curacao works)

Dark chocolate coating wafers (I buy these at Lynn’s Cake and Candy Supplies)

Hershey's kisses

Sliced almonds

Decorating gel for eyes (black or red, but red is kind of scary)


  • 1. Drain the juice from the cherries and return cherries to jar or other container.
  • 2. Cover cherries with liqueur and soak for 6 hours or overnight. (I skip the liqueur if I think children may be eating the mice).
  • 3. Place cherries on paper towels and let stand for one hour to dry.
  • 4. Melt chocolate wafers in microwave.
  • 5. Holding each cherry by stem end, dip carefully in chocolate to coat.
  • 6. Gently shake off excess chocolate and place on a baking sheet lined covered with wax paper.
  • 7. Immediately place a kiss opposite the stem side to make the mouse head.
  • 8. Add the almond slices as ears once the chocolate is cooled enough for them to stay in place.  This time shortens as the melted chocolate cools.
  • 9. Make eyes with decorating gel.  Chill until chocolate is firm.

© Barbara Deitch 2020