Source: Terry Vance

Servings/Yield: 30


15 jalapeno peppers

cream cheese (in tub)

seedless dates

1  lb. regular sliced bacon


Wear rubber or plastic gloves.  Cut jalapeno peppers lengthwise, clean out seeds and white membrane.  Wash, pat dry.  Stuff with cream cheese.  Cut seedless dates in half lengthwise,  place over cream cheese (if peppers are large you may need more than 1/2 date).  Wrap with 1/2 half piece of bacon (the whole length of the pepper) and hold with toothpick.

Spray broiler pan with Pam.

Broil cheese side down - flip to cook other side of bacon.

If grilling, be sure to rotate (also start with cheese side down).


I've found that broiling time is longer for the bottom side of the pepper--about 8 minutes. The cheese side only took about 4 minutes.

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