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Culinary demonstration by Executive Chef and Maitre D’Hotel.

At Sea

Wednesday, February 24th

We were supposed to spend the day in St. Barth’s but bad weather made it impossible for the tenders to dock at the pier.  We sat by the pool for a while this afternoon--it was breezy and pleasant.  We had a very lazy day.

Thursday, February 25th

This morning we attended the culinary demonstration followed by a galley tour.  The executive chef, maitre d’ and the pastry chef clowned around and made the demonstration a lot of fun.  They demonstrated making a parmesan cheese basket which we’d previously learned from chef Curt at Grant Park.  We played our first game of bingo because we had a free card.  Slots are more fun, although we haven’t won anything on them.  We weren’t sure when we started this cruise if 28 days would be too many on a ship.  It wasn’t--we got into a routine of activities and the days went by quickly.  Maybe we’re ready for a segment of a world cruise.  We’re not really anxious to step on the scale when we get home.  It will be good to see our family and friends again.

Friday, February 26th

The last day of the cruise was beautiful and we enjoyed the sea day.  Packing took about 20 minutes (throwing dirty clothes in suitcases).  The eight of us at Table 39 said our goodbyes after dinner.  After 28 days of dining together and seeing each other all around the ship, we feel we’ve gotten to know each other well.  There’s a possibility that some of us may get together in August near Niagara Falls.  Midge and Jerry said they could meet us, and we hope Cate, Colleen can join us, too.  We’d enjoy seeing Kay and Bob again.  Maybe we’ll cross paths on another cruise.  We finally remembered to take a picture of Kay’s scooter “Skippy.”  The waiters in the dining room had great fun parking “Skippy” and returning him to our table.

Saturday, February 27th

Despite a half-hour delay in disembarking, we got off the ship around 8:00 with luggage in tow and got to the Fort Lauderdale airport at 8:20.  The lines for check-in and security were long and slow, but we got to the gate in plenty of time for our 10:00 flight.  Both flights were great and we arrived in Minneapolis a few minutes early.  It’s a beautiful sunny day here with a temperature in the mid-30s.  We watched the Olympics tonight and are happy to be home! 

The weather has been great and we hope to avoid the rougher seas on the way to Fort Lauderdale.  The captain changed our course as we had an extra six hours or so because we couldn’t go ashore in St. Barth’s on Wednesday.

Culinary demonstration

Culinary demonstration

Galley tour

Galley tour

Galley tour

Galley tour

Kay, Bob and Skippy

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