Voyage of the Vikings

July - August, 2013

Bar Harbor, Maine

August 16 - Weather: Sunny, high temp around 70 (turned clock back 1 hour last night)

The weather was gorgeous for our day in Bar Harbor, a town on an island just off the coast of Maine.  There are about 5,000 year-round residents here, but in the summer the population when the hotels are full is about 30,000.  We took a HAL excursion to the Acadia National Park.  The views on the way up to Cadillac Mountain, from the top, and back down again were beautiful.  We saw some summer "cottages" that are really mansions.  The Rockefeller family gave a lot of money to build bridges, carriage trails and other works in the park and the town.  After the tour ended, we walked around the town and had lunch (wonderful lobster rolls) at the West St. Cafe.  We visited St. Saviour's Episcopal Church and saw the beautiful stained glass windows (some of them Tiffany).  Bar Harbor is quaint and lovely.  The tender got us back in time for trivia, then we packed before our 3rd complimentary dinner in the Pinnacle Grill.  After the final Pub Trivia game after dinner, we said goodbye to Noel and Rod from Melbourne, Pastor Rick from the First Congregational Church in Boston, and Ilan and Dahlia from the San Francisco area.  There were many nice people on this cruise--we met only a few cranks and complainers.  The pedometer says we walked about 127 miles--not bad.  This adventure has been wonderful, but home will be a welcome sight!

View from Cadillac Mountain

Bubble Rock - Acadia National Park (from bus)

Law and Order producer Dick Wolf's house (from bus)

Bar Harbor (from bus)

Bar Harbor

St. Saviour's Episcopal Church

Bar Harbor

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