UK Road Trip

September 10 ,2014 — Bath

Breakfast at the Henrietta House was like being at a restaurant (it is a large, historic building with about 19 rooms).  The hotel was built in the 1790s and the street and Henrietta House was named after the architect’s daughter.  There are menus in the breakfast room with choices including pancakes, egg dishes many ways, porridge, and the traditional English breakfast.  After breakfast the Dustruds and Lyndalls toured the Roman Baths (we saw them on a previous visit) and we walked to the Spruce Goose launderette with our carry-on bags heavy with 2 loads of laundry.  The men running the launderette were very nice and helped us get the washers loaded.  It cost us about £13 to do the 2 loads, but it was fast and we were done in about 70 minutes.  We ate the snacks in our room (apples and cookies) and some other leftover snacks for lunch.  At 2:00 we started the free walking tour of Bath.  Jerry and Gayle did this walk yesterday so it was just us and the Lyndalls.  It was disappointing, as the woman leading the tour couldn’t be heard unless you were standing very close to her.  She also had quite a few memory lapses, but would usually come up with the fact she wanted to give us eventually.  We did get some of the background of Bath, and the tour took us around the residential complex called the Circus, and also the Royal Crescent.  She told us that Bath has hot springs coming up from the ground in 3 places and the water temperature is about 114°.  The Bath Abbey has been built and destroyed many times and was most recently rebuilt in 1611.  Bath was bombed in 1942 and the Abbey was damaged.  Jane Austen lived in Bath, and we went by the Jane Austen Centre on our tour.  We also saw the Assembly Rooms that she wrote about—there are large ballrooms with big crystal chandeliers.  Bath is a popular town for rich English people (including film and TV stars) to live, and you can easily take the train to London, which is how we came here years ago.  The walking tour lasted about 2 hours, and after the tour Barbara went inside the Bath Abbey to take a few photos.  Then she, Jay and Marylee (Ward had dropped out early) stopped at a patisserie for a sweet treat.  Jay and Barbara walked along the river Avon and crossed the bridge with its shops (only 3 bridges with shops exist in Europe) and took some photos before returning to Henrietta House.  The 6 of us had a wonderful dinner at Circus, thanks to Gayle arranging the reservation at the front desk.  

Spruce Goose Launderette

Bath Abbey

The Circus (from rear)

Royal Crescent

The Circus

Assembly Rooms - Ball Room

Bath Abbey

River Avon - Bath

Parade Gardens - Bath

Bath Abbey

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