Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bloomington to Minneapolis

Our last day of this road trip began with the start of our drive around 8:15.  The temperature was in the low 60s in Bloomington IL and it was quite foggy.  By the time we got to Wisconsin there were blue skies and temperatures in the low 70s.  Our drive today was 464 miles.  We arrived at our favorite place in the world around 4:00.  

To recap our trip:

We drove 4,673 miles through 14 states.  We saw license plates from 44 states; the missing states were Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire and Wyoming.  The timing of this trip was great.  The only heavy traffic we encountered was around Chicago and Washington DC.  Slowdowns due to road construction were minimal.  The weather was outstanding; the only day we couldn’t do any sightseeing because of rain was September 21st and we had a lot of fun that morning playing cards with Rick and Lydia while we stayed at their home in Roswell.  The entire trip went according to plan and we stayed healthy, although our feet, hips and backs hurt at times.  We walked about 100 miles which helped burn the calories from all the good food we ate.  We enjoyed the time spent in the states that Barbara had not seen before.  West Virginia is very pretty, and there were few tourists this time of year.  Things were busier in North and South Carolina.  We especially enjoyed Charleston SC and Savannah GA, cities new to both of us.  The people were charming and the food was great.  We will start planning our next road trip soon, possibly Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica.


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