Atlantic Cruise — 2012


Along the waterfront In Cadiz

Along the waterfront in Cadiz

Genovesa Park, Cadiz

Genovesa Park, Cadiz

Gran Teatro Falla, Cadiz

November 16, 2012 — The next day, November 16th, we were in port at Cadiz, Spain. We've been here before but took an excursion to Seville, so hadn't really seen this lovely city. Our morning outing was spent in search of wifi, but we saw a good part of the city. We went out again after lunch and walked along the waterfront--there are beautiful tiles and street lamps along this walk. Genovesa Park had beautiful trees and flowers in bloom, as well as ducks and a waterfall. There were police everywhere--in cars, on bikes, on horseback and on foot. We didn't find out until we were coming back to the ship that the king and queen of Spain were visiting today, as well as the president of Mexico and leaders from South America (celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first democratic constitution in Spain). Apparently they had cleaned all the tile walkways and the entire city for the visit. We enjoyed how beautiful everything looked.