Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charleston/Drayton Hall/Middleton Place

We did a lot of walking today, almost 9 miles.  Hopefully we were able to sweat off a couple of pounds.  We only drove 25 miles, as we went from the Historic District in Charleston to the Inn at Middleton Place later in the day.  

After breakfast at the Hampton Inn (cold waffles, not very impressive) we walked to the Palmetto Carriage Barn and bought tickets for a carriage tour of the city.  Our guide, Ned, was very good.  He told us that Charleston is the most liberal city in South Carolina, but added that isn't saying much.  He then said that Joe Wilson is not from Charleston! We didn't see any of the historic homes on the carriage tour, so we walked back to the Visitor's Center to get a map of the homes.  We walked past a few near the hotel before we checked out.  We had lunch at Jestine's Kitchen where we shared a fried shrimp basket and a fried chicken basket.  The staff was very friendly and we enjoyed our lunch.  We walked back to pick up our car and drove to the south end of the city to see the SOB section of Charleston (south of Broad).  We walked by Rainbow Row and saw several historic homes and statues near the Battery.   We left the area about 2:00 and drove to Drayton Hall, the oldest preserved plantation house in America.  We took a one-hour tour, then drove to the Inn at Middleton Place, where we are spending the night.  We had dinner at the nearby restaurant, where we shared crab cakes and salmon.  The “Lowcountry" food we've had the last two days is probably not low-cal.  The walk back to our room was surreal--they provide a flashlight because there is almost no lighting along the path (about 1/2 mile).  We heard critters in the bushes!  At the end of our second week on the road we've driven 2,552 miles and walked 66.2.

Charleston - Aiken Rhett House

Charleston/Drayton Hall/Middleton Place Photos

Today was warm and humid.  The high temperature was only in the mid-80s, but we got very warm as we walked around Historic Charleston and toured Drayton Hall.  It was cooler in the evening but still humid.

Carriage tour of Charleston - Mules Cash and Carter

Carriage tour of Charleston

Carriage tour of Charleston - Crepe myrtle tree

Carriage tour of Charleston - Unusual steps

Carriage tour of Charleston

Rainbow Row

Tbe Battery - Moultrie statue

Charleston - Calhoun House

Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall

Room 324 at Middleton Inn

Middleton Place

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