Caribbean Cruise — 2019

Wednesday, April 3 — Cozumel, Mexico

This morning Anne, Chris, Henry and Jamie are off to see Mayan ruins on an 8 hour excursion called ‘Climb the Coba Pyramid and Cenote Swim’.  Jeff is off on a tour to see the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.  We hope they’ve got lots of good stuff to share with us as B & J didn’t do an excursion.  B & J had breakfast in the nearly empty American Icon restaurant and we both enjoyed pancakes that were nice and warm.  Then we left the ship and walked around the port of Cozumel and took a few pictures (it’s been in the 80s every day so we try to go out early).  Our ship is docked right next to another Royal Caribbean ship.  The Vision of the Seas is much smaller and its lifeboats capacity is 150 while on the Allure the boats that hold 370 people are called ‘rescue vessels’.  Barbara would take a cruise on Chicken of the Seas if there was one but it’s probably not possible because of copyright infringement.  We stopped at the Tiki Hut to see a live show and when Barbara dropped a tip in their bucket they invited her to have a photo taken with them.  We stopped in a souvenir shop and bought some Xmas ornaments for us and the grandsons.  Back on the ship we had an iced tea in the Windjammer and then walked around and took some photos.  The ship is pretty deserted with most folks doing things ashore.  We worked on the blog for awhile and then had a quick salad at the Central Park Cafe.  Jay loaded the latest photos and Barbara got caught up on the blog.  It must be nap time! The rest of our party got back a little late, after 5:00, but much of their day was spent on a bus going to the Mayan ruins.  We heard a little about their travels (the pyramid climb at Coba was a little challenging) and Jeff found you can no longer climb the pyramid at Chichen Itza.  We had an early dinner tonight, 7:15, and another nice meal with good service.  Jamie had the NY steak again (Grandma told him he could try something else and if he didn’t like it could order another entree).  The filet of sole was very good (Barbara and Jeff) but the others liked their meals, too.  The boys then went off to the kid’s activities and the adults headed to the casino (Barbara made $.06) and the young adults were planning to go to another game show or such after the casino.  Can’t believe it’s day 4 of the cruise and we haven’t played trivia.  Also haven’t been reading much but guess that’s okay.

The baby RC ship Vision of the Seas next to the Allure in Cozumel

Fire dance at the Tiki Hut

Barbara with fire dancers

Taking a selfie in Cozumel


Vision of the Seas from the Allure

Track for running and walking

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