Voyage of the Vikings

July - August, 2013

Djúpivogur, Iceland

August 6 - Weather: Sunny, windy, high temp in low 50s (turned clocks back 1 hour last night)

The captain may have discouraged some people from going ashore in the tenders with his warnings of getting our feet wet and getting chilled in the cool conditions.  The tender ride was fine, and there was a strong breeze but it was very pleasant walking around this little town of about 360 people.  It is a fishing village, but the brochure from the visitor's center said tourism is getting strong because of the wildlife in the area.  Jay took a photo of the brochure cover (below) because the setting is beautiful but most of the buildings are dull and drab and the harbor is not what you would imagine in a fishing village.  There was an interesting outdoor work of art that consisted of 34 stone eggs on pedestals that represent the birds of the area.  The tiny church is in need of repair, but the oldest building, the cultural center, was built in 1790 and is well-maintained..  An hour and a half was plenty of time to walk around this town whose name is pronounced (roughly) Jeep-a-vogur.  It's best known for recording the highest temperature in Iceland--87° F in June of 1939.  Barbara knew the answer to the bonus question at trivia today--what HAL ship did Lee Harvey Oswald sail on in 1962 when he came to the U.S.? The answer is the ms Maasdam (she read it in a Stephen King novel).

Aerial view of Djúpivogur (from brochure)


Búlandstindur mountain (1,068 meters above sea level)

Eggin í Gleðivík

Djúpivogur church

Langabúð (oldest building - 1790)

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