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Devil’s Island from Ile Royale.


Thursday, February 18th

We crossed the equator at 11:18 am and are now back in the northern hemisphere.  Today was warm and sunny, so we sat out by the pool for a short time.  We were grateful to have a sea day and a chance to spend most of the day in air-conditioned comfort.

Friday, February 19th

It rained hard for most of the day and the seas were quite rough.  We all walked like we were a little drunk in the evening and we heard some people were seasick.  There were lots of people playing trivia because of the rain.  We won again in the afternoon and now have a complete set of prizes: passport covers, a tote bag, luggage tags and baseball caps.  By the way, the answer to the trivia question about the ten-letter word that can be spelled using only the top row of keys on a computer or typewriter is “typewriter.” You probably all knew that.  The people at our dinner table at night weren’t sure of Jay’s name for the first few days, and when Bob called him Frank, we corrected him, but he thought we said Dave.  We’ve been having some fun with it.  Jay got some name tags from the reception desk and has been wearing Frank, Dave or Jay tags for the past few nights.  Tonight the six of them showed up at dinner wearing name tags with “Jay” on them.  I think we’re confusing the waiters.

Saturday, February 20th

Getting onto the tenders to go to Ile Royale this morning was rather tricky, as it was windy and the tender was bouncing and pulling away from the ship.  On our last visit here we had a little rain, so the bright sunny weather this time was nice.  There are a lot of tourists here today, probably from nearby French Guiana.  We spent some time watching the monkeys.  A couple pieces of fruit fell (?) near us and they looked like they were partially eaten.  Maybe the monkeys were using us as targets, but luckily we didn’t get hit.  We walked around for about an hour and a half and went back to the ship to work on this blog.  We don’t have anything special planned for the rest of the trip and our repeat stops at Port of Spain, St. Lucia and St.  Barth’s.  We may not publish again until we get home.  We have some videos we would like to add but were unable to publish them earlier this week.  The last time we tried to publish our blog the text was published but not the pictures.  If you don’t see any pictures with this text or the ones from earlier this week it’s because of our poor internet connection on the ship.


Ile Royale - monkeys

The weather has been interesting the last few days with either bright sun or heavy rain and very windy conditions.

Ile Royale

Ile Royale - monkeys

Devil's Island

Ile Royale

Ile Royale

Ile Royale

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