UK Road Trip

August 31, 2014 — The Isle of Skye to Inverness

We said goodbye to Rachel Macloud at Heatherdale B & B this morning—we’ll miss her hospitality but not her uncomfortable bed.  She got 4 new sheep yesterday (she and her husband raise sheep and 3 children under the age of 10 on their croft).   Scotland was more enjoyable todayunder blue skies—there are lochs and waterfalls everywhere and beautiful hills and forests.  It’s about 155 miles from the B & B on Skye to Inverness.  We stopped for cullen skink (a thick Scottish soup of haddock, potatoes and onions) at the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition.  We found Nessie (the monster) T-shirts for the boys, and a Xmas ornament for us at the gift shop.  We then drove to Inverness, which is a pretty town of about 60,000.  We parked and walked around, taking lots of pictures.  Inver means ‘mouth of the river’ and Ness is the river’s name as well as the loch’s name.  The Balachadaich B & B is a short drive from Inverness.  Our room is lovely and spacious with a private balcony overlooking the loch, and John and Fiona are very nice.  We posted some pictures on FB and relaxed awhile before driving about a mile to the Dores Inn for dinner.  It’s very small and we didn’t have a reservation, so we sat outside.  The sun went away and we had some sprinkles while eating our pappardelle with wild mushroom puttanesca (Barbara) and burger (Jay), but we didn’t really get wet.  The food was good—we’re still avoiding haggis.  When we got back to the B & B there was a beautiful double rainbow.

New sheep at Heatherdale croft

The Isle of Skye

Eilean Donan Castle

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness


Inverness Castle

Balachladaich B & B

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