Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monongahela National Forest

We weren’t the only ones at the Hampton Inn in Summersville WV after all.  Another couple was in the breakfast room with us this morning.  We left a little before nine and and started on our trek through the beautiful Monongahela National Forest.  We spent a little over 7 hours driving and hiking.  Our first stop was the Falls of Hills Creek site.  The hike was only about .9 miles each way, but Barbara counted 345 steps (each way--Jay went to the very end and walked 388 steps each way).  Barbara’s knee was giving her some trouble when we on the way back, but it wasn’t too bad.  Our calves were aching later in the day, but hopefully we’re preparing for our longer walks once we get to Washington.  Our next stop was Cranberry Glades.  This trail was a short boardwalk that was very easy.  We stopped for lunch at a Subway in Huttonsville.  Here we turned onto Hwy.  250, which was very curvy and slow.  The landscape slowly flattens out, and when you get into Virginia, there are rolling hills and more farmland than West Virginia.  We are spending the night In Harrisonburg VA and will go back into WV tomorrow.

Monongahela National Forest - Falls of the Creek

Monongahela National Forest Photos

The temperature today was just right (mid-60’s to low 70’s) for our hikes in the forest.  Rain was forecast, but we only had a few sprinkles while driving.  Today’s miles (227) were mostly on two lane highways--a big change from the toll roads of the first few days.

Falls of Hills Creek nature walk

Falls of Hills Creek - Lower Falls (63 ft.)

Cranberry Glades - Round Glade

Cranberry Glades

Cranberry Glades - Flag Glade

Cranberry Glades

Scenic Overlook on FR150

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