Caribbean Cruise — 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019 — Nassau, Bahamas

Jay and Barbara had breakfast in the American Icon restaurant on our deck and it was good, although the food was rather lukewarm.  Then we went for a walk in the Nassau port but didn’t take a taxi or a boat to the major sites as we’ve done that here before.  The photo below shows the Allure of the Seas and Barbara had to walk some distance to fit the entire ship in the photo.  We met Anne and her gang leaving the ship as we were coming back.  Jeff went for a run and we didn’t see him until later.  We had the first Deitch mini-golf tournament this afternoon, which Henry had planned.  The top four were to advance and 3 would be eliminated.  There was a tie for 4th so Jeff, Anne, Chris, Jay and Henry advanced.  Boo hoo to Jamie and Barbara.  We went to the Schooner Bar for trivia at 5:45 but they changed the venue so we played Monopoly Go while the adults had a bottle of wine.  It was the first time Grandma and Grandpa had played it so it was no surprise that Jamie won.  We went to dinner at the American Icon and celebrated Anne’s birthday (it’s actually on 3/28 and we celebrated then, too).  They brought Anne a birthday dessert and sang to her after dinner.  She had identified her diet as GF and they brought her about a half a loaf of GF bread with her meal! The food was much better than we expected—most of us had the roast beef, Jeff had the duck and Jamie the NY strip steak.  Desserts were good, too.  There’s a carousel on the 6th deck and Anne, Henry and Jamie went for a ride.  The adults went to the casino again, same luck.

Allure of the Seas

Queen Victoria in Nassau

Nassau’s blue waters

Golf Tournament

Anne and Henry taking a selfie on the Carousel

Anne’s birthday cake

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 — Sea day

Jay and Barbara had breakfast in the Windjammer and it wasn’t very busy at all for a sea day.  We then put our suits on and some went swimming while the rest of us just sunned ourselves.  Lounge chairs by the pools are hard to find, so B & J ended up at the adult area at the front of deck 15.  Jeff was out running 7 miles.  He said the biggest problem is people walking in the running lanes.  We planned to play Harry Potter trivia at the venue On Air at noon, but there were no places to sit and just a few places to stand when Jay and Barbara got there about 10 minutes early.  We picked up answer sheets and got a table outside the venue on the Royal Promenade which is on the 5th deck.  When the rest got there, Henry and Anne stood inside to play and Henry scored an impressive 18 out of 20 points.  The next time we play trivia we’ll try to go about 1/2 hour early.  The nice thing was that there was a DreamWorks Move it! Move it! parade at 12:30 and we had great seats.  It was fun and they had a lot of folks in beautiful, colorful costumes and famous characters like Shrek, Princess Fiona and Pinocchio.  Jay and Barbara went to the American Icon dining room for lunch—Barbara had an unusual grilled cheese sandwich with a veggie in it.  It was tasty, but she forgot what the veggie was.  When she asked our waiter, she said it was leek.  After she left Jay said you should never say ‘leak’ on a ship.  Ha! We had a nice long nap in our cabin while the others were out and about.  Jamie called about 3:30 to set up a time for our 'losers' (from golf) ping pong match.  We had to wait some time for a table to open up but played a long match.  Most of the time was spent chasing the balls after a missed shot.  Some of the balls went out of the room, which luckily was enclosed but had wide doors.  Jamie won—he was also the scorekeeper (coincidence?).  The second round of our family golf tourney was happening right next to us.  Jeff and Chris advanced to the final round, but we don’t have a date set for that big event.  Henry and Jamie played ping pong and Barbara had the camera set to slo-mo (not intentionally) so the video below is pretty funny.  Henry proved you can eat a soft serve cone and play ping pong at the same time.  You can make your own cone at quite a few locations around the sports deck.  Anne, Chris and Henry did the zipline and said it was pretty scary, although it’s a very short ride.  Tonight we had tickets for the water show OceanAria at 7:30.  We played UNO while waiting to go and Anne realized Jamie didn’t have his SeaPass in the lanyard around his neck.  Luckily they were able to get a quick replacement at Guest Services with his show ticket on it.  OceanAria was pretty amazing—great divers and acrobats and a very talented guy who warmed up the crowd who was also an impressive diver and trampoline artist.  Since we had time after the show and before our 8:45 (!) dinner, we stopped at the empty library and played UNO.  There’s never a dull moment on this ship.  The dining room staff did a conga line for our entertainment and we all had to stand and do (or attempt to do) the macarena.   Dinner was excellent again and our waiters were friendly.  Jamie had the NY strip steak again and said it was even better than last night.  The tiger garlic shrimp, Cordon Bleu chicken and spaghetti were also good.  No casino tonight for B & J - imagine us not finding time for the casino on a sea day!

Ping Pong

Zip Line


High Dive (from Jeff)

View of Aquatheater from Sports deck

Waiting for the parade

Parade on the Royal Promenade

Parade on the Royal Promenade

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