Friday, September 4, 2009

On the road

We left Minneapolis a little before 7 am.  Our 533 mile drive went well, except for a lot of traffic in Chicago that added about an hour and a half to the trip.  We arrived in Middlebury (Elkhart) around 5:15 (6:15 EDT), so were on the road about 10 1/2 hours.  Anne and Chris had flown to Chicago so had only about a 2 hour drive.  They stopped in South Bend for Henry’s first college visit (Notre Dame, of course!).  Jeff and Sarah drove, and arrived about a half hour after we did.  A large group of us (Anne, Chris, Henry, Jamie, Jeff, Sarah, Lynn, Terry, Matt, Maddie, Julia, Jay and Barbara) had dinner at the Essenhaus Inn Restaurant, which is near the Essenhaus Inn where most of us are staying.  Chris and Becky arrive later tonight and we’ll see them and Betsy tomorrow.  It’s exciting to start this road trip by being with Jay’s family to celebrate Sarah’s wedding.  We’re in Amish country and are seeing a lot of people wearing their traditional dress and driving buggies.  

Middlebury Indiana

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