UK Road Trip

September 9, 2014 — Stratford Upon Avon to Bath

We had another gorgeous day in England for sightseeing.  After breakfast, Jay made his first trip to Bath with Gayle and Jerry.  Train travel is expensive here, and they would have had to pay an exorbitant amount and had to change trains twice to travel a distance of about 65 miles, so Jay offered to make 2 trips to get the 6 of us to Bath in a car that has room for 4 people and their luggage.  Ward, Marylee and Barbara stayed in Stratford and saw Shakespeare’s birthplace and the church where he is buried.  There were lots of tourists here with some large groups of Japanese people.  The birthplace was very well done; one interesting story was that of the window in the bedroom where he was born.  Visitors and other writers etched their names in the window panes, so eventually they removed the windows and displayed them on an inside wall.  We were also told how the tradition of birthday candles started.  Children stayed in their parent’s bedrooms (in trundle beds) until the age of 5 and on that birthday they were given their own candle and could sleep in another room.  After going through the house we went to the courtyard where two very engaging actors performed scenes from plays that were requested.  Marylee and Barbara also went to Shakespeare’s next home that was called the New Place.  Lastly we visited Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare and his family are buried right by the altar.  After lunch at the Rose and Crown Pub, we went back to the Arden Way Guest House to wait for Jay in the huge garden area.  He arrived around 3:00 and we got to Henrietta House in Bath about 5:30.  Barbara found she had a dilemma in the room, as there was no outlet for her curling iron close to a mirror.  On the way to dinner, we all stopped at a store the lady at the hotel reception suggested, but they didn’t have any extension cords.  We were looking at mirrors and Jay was looking at the Apple computers and realized that his iPad could be used as a mirror with the camera turned on.  Brilliant—it works perfectly! Gayle had made a dinner reservation for us at Tilley’s Bistro and we all enjoyed an excellent meal.  Bath is a very walkable town, as was Stratford, and our accommodations were conveniently located in both.

Stratford Upon Avon - many swans

Stratford Upon Avon - The Bard

Home where Shakespeare was born

Home where Shakespeare was born - guide

Home where Shakespeare was born

Home where Shakespeare was born - the birthroom window

Home where Shakespeare was born - bedroom

Shakespeare's birthplace - reenacting Shakespeare’s plays

Street view of Shakespeare's birthplace

Nash's House & New Place gardens

Holy Trinity Church (Shakespeare's grave is inside)

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church - William and Anne's graves

Stratford Upon Avon - RSC Theatre

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