UK Road Trip

September 16, 2014 —Port Isaac to London

We left Port Isaac around 10:00, after another big breakfast in the dining area upstairs at the Slipway Hotel.  We stopped a couple times for the WC and gas, but just ate apples and snacks for lunch.  We dropped off the Dustruds at a Premier Inn at Heathrow around 3:00 and were done returning our car around 3:30.  Jay drove about 1,300 miles on our travels from Edinburgh to London and had driven around 700 miles in Scotland.  While driving 2,000 miles on the opposite side of the road and sitting on the opposite side of the car and going around hundreds of roundabouts, Jay had a pretty good record—only 3 polite horn honks and a handful of times making the wrong turn on a roundabout.  We took a shuttle to Terminal 5, where we bought tickets for the underground into the city.  A guy helped us buy our tickets—everyone in England and Scotland has been very pleasant and helpful.  The tube ride took about 45 minutes, and most of it was above ground.  There were lifts at Heathrow, and we decided to get off at Earl’s Court, as there are lifts at that station, too.  There was no taxi stand, so we waited down the street and a cab did come.  The driver was probably much older than us, and she was very chatty, talking about her cruise to the Caribbean (she didn’t like it) and her visits to the states.  Brits love San Francisco.  She dropped us off and it turns out it was the wrong hotel! Grrrrrr—we had given her a nice tip and then we had to schlep our bags another 5 or 6 blocks to the Lancaster Gate (not the Lancaster that looked very pricey).  We arrived at the hotel around 5:30 and had a cup of tea and settled in.  We went out to dinner at the nearby Mitre—Ward had lamb, Jay and Marylee had steak and Barbara had pork belly (she liked her meal best).  She shared her dessert, Eton Mess, with Jay and enjoyed it more than he did.

Port Isaac at night

Port Isaac at night

Returning the car (a Toyota Avensis)

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