Mediterranean — 2010

Roman Aqueduct

Friday, October 15, 2010

We are in the port of La Goulette and toured the area known as Greater Tunis.  We started in the old city, or Medina, where we visited a perfume shop and were able to smell a few fragrances.  Everywhere in the old city and La Goulette we saw many men sitting in the cafes, but no women.  Any woman there would be a prostitute.  Tunisia has a population of about 12 million--95% are Muslim, the other 5% Christian and Jew.  We saw mosques and churches.  We drove through Carthage, and were able to see and take pictures of the ruins of the cistern, aqueduct, Christian coliseum and a temple from the bus.  Our guide told us that gasoline is $1 a liter in Tunisia but only 5 cents a liter in nearby Libya.  The guide also gave us comparisons of camel milk vs.  cow milk and also told us how expensive beef is.  They had camels right by the ship so we had a photo op or a chance to ride a camel.  We passed--they didn’t smell very good.  We got together in the Ocean Bar for happy hour but most of us skipped the dining room tonight (another Master Chef’s Dinner) and ate in the Lido.  Barbara went to the finals of the passenger’s talent show (5 singers).  It’s good the best singer won--the judges were pretty funny.

La Goulette - Men thinking

Tunis - Medina


Tunis - American WW II cemetery

Tunis - Carthage from bus (Roman cistern)

Tunis - Carthage from bus (Roman Coliseum)

Tunis - Carthage from bus (Roman temple)

Tunis from bus

Tunis from bus

La Goulette

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