Saturday September 5, 2009

Sarah’s Wedding


The weather on the wedding day was perfect--about 75 degrees and sunny, just like yesterday.  We spent the morning with the kids and grandkids, starting with a visit to a nearby playground with Henry.  Then we went to the game room of the Essenhaus Inn to play table tennis and table hockey with Henry, Anne and Chris.  Jeff and Sarah joined us for a round of miniature golf (Chris won, Barbara finished last and Henry didn’t count all his strokes) and after golf we all had pizza at a local restaurant.  Alan and his wife Joyce hosted the outdoor wedding at their home on 31 acres outside of Middlebury.  About 110 people attended.  The ceremony was lovely, although Jamie let out with a huge burp while Sarah and Dave were exchanging their vows.  It was heard by most of the guests and several giggled through the vows.  Henry and Chris missed the wedding ceremony, as Henry was napping in the car (too busy a day).  A reception was held under a tent where a tasty buffet dinner was served with wine and beer.  Sarah and David Reed, along with his daughters Autumn and Jenna, are off to a great start!

Sarah and Dave

Wedding Photos

Wedding day memories.

Henry at the playground

Mini-golf - where's my ball?

My club is too long

Jay makes a good shot

Jeff, Anne and Jamie

The Essenhaus stable

Before the wedding

Alan and Sarah

Reaction to "the burp"

The newlyweds

Dave, Sarah, Autumn, Jenna, Chris and David

Dave, Sarah, Betsy and David

Dave, Sarah, Joyce and Alan

Henry blowing bubbles

Jay, Betsy, Lynn and Chris at the reception

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