Italy and Switzerland

May 2008


All of the Cinque Terre towns have their own personalities.  Today we visited Monterosso, the only one with a beach and large hotels.  During World War II La Spezia was an important Axis Naval Base, and there is a concrete bunker called a Nazi “pillbox” in Monterosso (see photos).  Monterosso was bombed during the time the Germans were in the Cinque Terre.  We walked between the old and new parts of the town and had lunch in the old town.  Monterosso is the only town with a full service laundry, so Jay and I brought ours and picked it up a few hours later when we were finished sightseeing.  We had a restful afternoon and are planning an early dinner tonight.  Then we’ll watch Henry while our kids and their spouses have a nice quiet dinner.  They have a reservation at Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre, a restaurant run by Sicilian twin brothers.  We’ve been there twice for pastries in the morning and once for dinner with all of us.  The brothers keep their customers in stitches with their tall tales and wonderful humor.  We will miss them.  Tomorrow morning we are off for Bellagio on Lake Como!

Monterosso - new town

Monterosso - new town

Looking back on other four villages

Monterosso - Nazi pillbox

Monterosso - 16th century lookout tower

Monterosso - old town


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