Italy and Switzerland

May 2008


We spent Wednesday morning in Vernazza, eating gelato with Henry and taking him to the playground near the train station.  He still loves watching the trains.  Jeff and Sarah spent the day hiking along the Cinque Terre trails, but we went sightseeing with Anne, Chris and Henry and took the train to Pisa early in the afternoon.  It is quite a pretty city, known mainly for its leaning tower that could be righted, but then the tourists wouldn’t come.  They have stabilized it so it doesn’t tilt farther.  People are allowed to climb to the top, but we didn’t care to do that.  We toured the Duomo and also the Baptistry, which has wonderful acoustics.  Every half hour a singer (who is also the ticket taker) sings three different notes and each reverberates for so long that you can hear the harmony.  On our way back to Vernazza, Jay had his wallet stolen just as we were boarding the train.  We had read and heard from friends how easily this happens and were being very careful, but by the time Jay felt the wallet leaving his front pocket, the thief was gone and there was nothing we could do.  Fortunately Jay had left most of his cash in the hotel, but having to cancel credit cards is a hassle.  We had a nice dinner by the waterfront when we got back to Vernazza.  The local house wines are wonderful and we are enjoying them frequently.  Henry has been sleeping well at night and is a little trooper.

Sharing gelato

Playing in the park

Arno river in Pisa

The Leaning Tower

The Baptisty in Pisa

Duomo with tower in background

Inside the Duomo

The Tower is leaning!

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