Mediterranean — 2010


Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Noordam docked this morning at the port of Katakolon Greece.  Twelve of our group from Grant Park (Jim and Lynn took a different tour) got on the same bus and rode about 30 minutes east to visit the ruins at Olympia.  It was a holy place where only priests were allowed to live.  The first Olympiad was in 779 BC and took place every four years until 394 AD, when Theodosios I banned them.  The modern games started fifteen centuries later in 1896, and the flame is now carried from Olympia to wherever the games are being held.  We saw the excavated ruins of Roman Baths, a gymnasium, the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Zeus (built in 472 BC, it was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), and the stadium, which held 40,000 spectators.  We took a short video of David, who has run many marathons, running in the area where the stadium once stood.  Our guide Lydia was full of information--too much.  We had some time for shopping for souvenirs and sampling kalamata olives and other Greek food before returning to the ship.  We didn’t do very well at Team Trivia tonight (LaRue accounted for half our points).  The rest of the group came to the Crow’s Next for drinks at 5:00 when trivia was over.  Tonight was our second formal night and we skipped the entertainment after dinner.

Olympia - Site of gymnasium

Olympia - Roman baths

Olympia - Site of ancient Olympic flame

Olympia - Philipeion

Olympia - Temple of Hera

Olympia - Hera's altar (site of modern Olympic flame)

Olympia - Entrance to stadium

Olympia - Site of stadium

Olympia - Temple of Zeus


Olympia Village

Olympia Village

Port at Katakolon

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